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A Review Of The Sennheiser Hd 219 Headphones

This post focuses on a review of the Sennheiser HD 219 headphones. You should never purchase any music equipment before you look at the reviews. If interested you can find more info on other headphones and DJ equipment on various online review websites. You may despise these headphones because they appear to be somehow unassuming from the packaging and small. However, you may be pleasantly surprised with them from all aspects of delivery. Here is a brief review of the Sennheiser HD 219 earphones that can assist you make an informed decision.

An overview of the Sennheiser HD 219 earphones

These headphones come with a calm plastic style of packaging. The box just includes an instructional manual and a 3.5 mm plug adapter. These headphones have a mat black color and are manufactured from plastic material. They are not only comfortable to wear but also have a light weight. The Sennheiser HD 219 headphones have a nice leather cushion on top. It also has flat and smooth earpieces with an all-around leather coating apart from the center.

The headphones have usual extends like any other standard earphones out there. The earpieces also swivel and pivot for their exceptional fit. One undoing with these headphones is that they have a very short chord. The cord is very thin and about 3.5 feet. This feature is not a big issue unless you will be moving a lot or intent to use these headphones in a studio. However, the headphones are very comfortable as you listen to your music, and they are light weight.

Audio Quality

The Sennheiser HD 219 earphones have an excellent audio quality. The sound is so pleasant that it will motivate you to use the headphone for a long time. They not only produce the sound of a typical headphone but feel more of a surround sound system where the audio comes from all angles and have the perception of distance. The Sennheiser HD 219 earphones have a large bass audio that is advertised on the package. It also has a high quality tone that has a perfect mix of bass.

Features of the Sennheiser HD 219 headphones

Features are critical before you make a purchase decision for any headphones. The device has a universal fit that is compatible with any smart phone. These earphones feature 3.5 mm headphone jack that has windows mobile, android, RIM (blackberry), and any IOS devices. It has a light weight ear design with single sided cables that makes them extremely comfortable for listening over long distances. These headphones possess a vibrant sound that has a punchy bass. It also has high-output neodymium magnets for a powerful bass response stereo sound. The price is relatively good because of the kind of service they deliver.

The main purpose of this paper was to give you a brief review of the Sennheiser HD 219 headphones. You can also read about other headphones from several online sources. Talking to current users of these headphones can also give you more insight. The primary purpose of any review is normally to guide your purchase decision.


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