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How To Clean Your Flute

One thing to note is that germs and flute playing dont go hand in hand. It may not affect the way you play your flute but grit, dirt, and bacteria make your flute wear out faster. You can find more info her if you want to learn how to maintain other music instruments. This article will give you a few tips on how to maintain your flute.

The Interior of the Flute

Constant use of your instrument causes the flute to gather moisture from your mouth. You will ruin the keypads of your instrument if you dont clean out this moisture after every use. Such moisture may even cause air leakages from your music instrument. You need to use the flute cleaning rod to wipe away this moisture.

You need to use a rod that is three to five inches long. You should get a clean piece of cleaning cloths and pull it through your cleaning rods slit. Make sure you push the rod carefully through the body of the flute. Handling this exercise in a careless manner may cause scratches on the interior of your music equipment. Once you are done with cleaning the interior of your flute, you should repeat the same exercise to the flute and head joint of your flute.

The Exterior of your Flute

You should be extremely careful not to use any form of silver polish before you begin to swab your flute with a cloth. You should not use any polish including those that claim to be silver safe on your flute. They can not only cause havoc on the metal system of your flute but also ruin your keypads. Even though this may not have a direct impact on your flute music, it makes your flute to look bad. Its better to let a professional to polish your flute if you expect it to retain its original shining. You should just use a fresh microfiber clothes to wipe any dirt on your flute as you clean the exterior. You should not dampen the clothes with water because the flute pads should not get wet. There is a high likelihood of the pads expending if they get wet.

The Head joint

The head joint is the section of the flute that is very close to the mouth. Its very easy for bacteria and germs to transfer from your mouth to the flute. Its important to sterilize the mouth piece and the head joint after each session. Isopropyl is very efficient when sterilizing your flute. The cleaning agent is not only cheap but also readily available as you can get it in the nearest drug store.

Keypads that stick

Chances of the keypads sticking are very high especially if you have not cleaned your flute for about a month. In case of such occurrences, you can take a piece of cigarette paper and lodge it beneath the sticking keypads. You should press the key pap down gently once you have placed it on the cigarette paper. This paper has the ability of absorbing moisture from the keypads and you need to repeat the process. You should rinse your mouth with water before you start playing to prevent sticky keys from happening.


I am sure that you now have all it takes to keep your flute in good shape. You can find more information online on how to repair your flute.


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