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The Charm And Allure Of Cornwall As A Holiday Destination

Do you ever wonder why so many people go for a holiday in Cornwall? There are many beautiful areas in Great Britain, but it just seems like Cornwall is always at the top of the list. Many locations seem to be where many legends and myths were born and have also taken part in key moments in history. It is also a favourite destination for culture-lovers, that even writers and artists have made it their home.

The weather might play a big role, because being in the south of the country, it has the mildest climate and the most sun. This contributes to the picturesque areas, so much that almost one-third of this county is an AONB, or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

With 422 miles of coastline, tourists have many spots to enjoy the view of the sea. Almost half of the South West Coast Path can be found in this county, and will allow you to marvel at the landscape you will discover. On the North, this is full of dramatic cliffs that have been shaped by the Atlantic ocean for centuries but also have some nice golden sand for families. The strong winds and waves make it the perfect spot for surfing. On the other hand, the south coast is gentler but with many river estuaries and the sea, fishing is a part of the daily life.

Cornwall also has a strong mining heritage, though this is a lesser known fact and is less likely to attract visitors. But you can still see mining-inspired engine houses as a reminder of this past. During the same time, English gardens were also all the rage, so much that there is the highest concentration of grand gardens in the county. Found beside some equally awe-inspiring houses of the time, walking along these gardens will be like a stroll back in time.

Another thing that you should definitely not miss is the food. With the many farms and the fresh fish coming in, you cannot find so fresh and delicious traditional dishes that Cornwall is famous for. There are many restaurants, cafes and even bakeries that will satisfy your taste buds.

With the landscape and the wonderful food, it is no wonder that Cornwall has attracted so many artists. If you are therefore into art, you might be surprised at the galleries you can find in the area. Schools for artists also keep the flow of talent alive. Even the writers are so enamoured by the locations that they have written down many rhymes and productions that showcase the county.

Although most of what to see are in smaller villages, it does not mean the region is boring and quiet. In fact, there are so many beaches of all kinds that will entertain you. You can also come by for the many surfing festivals that are happening regularly.

It seems like Cornwall won the lottery in having everything for tourists and locals alike, wonderful weather, breathtaking views, culture, sport and even great food can be found here. Thankfully, the region is always ready and equipped with enough quality holiday accommodation to manage the influx of visitors wanting to marvel at the beauty of the area. So why not see it for yourself!


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