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The Most Enchanting Castles To Visit In Cornwall

Cornwall has a rich history dating back from the medieval times. There are numerous mighty fortresses scattered all throughout Cornwall which are reminiscent of the countrys colourful past. These strongholds have been around through several wars and have seen victory and defeat over the course of time. Here are some of the best castles that are open for tourists in Cornwall.

The Restormel Castle in Lostwithiel is what has been left of a great 13th-century castle that sat on a Norman mound beside the River Fowey. Lostwithiel is considered as the medieval capital of Cornwall and the Restormel has been visited twice by the Black Prince, and also saw the atrocities of the Civil War back in 1644. The castle grounds is now a famous picnic spot thanks to the view and the presence of beautiful flowers that bloom all year round. There are also some outdoor theatre acts in the castle which are entertaining to watch. One can choose to stay at the Willow Cottage in 11 Kings Street, which offers an easy access to the neighbouring towns of St Austell, Liskeard and Bodmin.

St Michaels Mount has always been surrounded by mystery and being the subject of legends. It is a formidable fortress atop an island which has been said to have been walked upon by a legendary giant. The island is in itself surrounded by a sub-tropical ravine that adds a veil of tranquillity to the medieval island. The village has a couple of tourist friendly establishments where visitors can dine on fresh local food or listen to live music, such as the Sail Loft Restaurant or the Island Cafe. The Marazion Hotel is a recommended place to stay since it overlooks both the island and the gorgeous Marazion beach. Nearby holiday towns offer a wonderful selection of accommodation options including sea front B&Bs in penzance, holiday parks in Praa sands and self catering holiday cottages in Porthleven.

If you are keen on detail, Henry VIIIs fortress off St. Mawes will leave you awestruck. It is one of the best-preserved of all the medieval castles in England and is the most elaborately constructed. It was built during the 1500s to counter French and Spanish invasions and to watch over the Carrick Roads. The castle is designed to mount anti-vessel artillery to thwart invaders from the sea. Not surprisingly, it fell to a land offensive launched by the Civil War Parliamentary forces in 1646. St Mawes Hotel can offer a comfortable and luxurious seaside stay for travellers who want to have a taste of Cornish elegance.

Falmouth is home to the last royalist stronghold that fell during the English Civil War. The Pendennis Castle in Falmouth was constructed by Henry VIII to assist St Mawes Castle on the other side of the Fal Estuary. The stronghold is famous for its Tudor gun room as well as its interactive Discovery Centre. A collection of cartoons created by artist George Butterworth during the second world war is also displayed inside the Pendennis Castle. The Palms Guest House can be a great choice for accommodation because it is also only a couple of metres away from Falmouths famous landmarks such as the Falmouth Docks.


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