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Top Ten Dog-friendly Self-catering Holiday Accommodation In North Cornwall

Most holiday accommodation has its good points and bad points. There are times when the accommodation is excellent but the food is less than what you have expected. There are also establishments that dont allow your most trusted and most loyal companion your dog. And if you do visit St. Agnes in Cornwall, then you just might want to consider getting a dog-friendly, self-catering accommodation instead. These provide you just with the right accommodation that you need while you take care of the kind of food that you would want to eat. Best of all, they allow you to take your dog with you. This gives you a whole lot of different options to make your stay even more meaningful. This way, you can truly say that you have lived the way of the people of St. Agnes.

Here are ten dog-friendly, self-catering holiday accommodations in North Cornwall that might interest you and your family.

1. Cameron Farm  Located a mile from the village centre, Cameron Farm is ideal for families who require the scenic beauty of central Cornwall. It is near the coastal foot path as well as the beach of Chapel Porth. 

2. Cliff Hollow  For a superb view of the Trevaunance Cove, head to Cliff Hollow. This family house perched atop the cliffs of St. Agnes is a favourite among large groups of tourists. It can accommodate up to 14 guests at a time. 

3. Sea Thatch  With a beautiful private garden and antique decors, the Sea Thatch is a must-try especially for lovers of 16th century stone cottages. Its quintessentially Cornish.

4. Bramble and Croft Cottages  Situated between the beaches of St. Agnes and the famous St. Agnes Beacon, Bramble and Croft Cottages has been providing guests with a distinct taste of the Cornish countryside. 

5. Coombe Cottage Holidays  Want to experience living in a 16th century thatched cottage? Then try the Coombe Cottage Holidays. This is perfect for families of 4 or even for couples for that romantic getaway. 

6. Glas House St. Agnes  This cedar-clad eco-lodge is perfect for the modern family. It features 2 double bedrooms with an open-plan living area, it also has a private deck that wraps the entire property giving guests unrivalled views of St. Agnes. 

7. Lantern Cottage  Situated about a mile from the centre of St. Agnes, Lantern Cottage is a chocolate box-like architecture nestled in green Cornish valley. It is a Grade II listed cottage complete with an inglenook fireplace. 

8.  Little Orchard Village  For optimum rest and peaceful respite, head to the Little Orchard Village and marvel at its spacious lawns. Its the perfect location for resting tired bodies without the distractions of modern entertainment. 

9. Sea Whisper  Situate just a few minutes walk from the St. Agnes coastline, Sea Whisper is a beautiful 3-bedroom eco-lodge providing a sweeping view of the Cornish valley and a large deck area above the famed Trevaunance Cove. 

10. The Porthvean  Able to accommodate up to 17 people at a time, The Porthvean is located right in the centre of St. Agnes where the action is. It provides superb access to all the wonderful things in and around the village.

Now you can enjoy your vacation in St. Agnes. At the very least, you dont have to leave your dog behind.


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