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A Review Of The Sennheiser Hd 219 Headphones

This post focuses on a review of the Sennheiser HD 219 headphones. You should never purchase any music equipment before you look at the reviews. If interested you can find more info on other headphones and DJ equipment on various online review websites. You may despise these headphones because they appear to be somehow unassuming from the packaging and small. However, you may be pleasantly surprised with them from all aspects of delivery. Here is a brief review of the Sennheiser HD 219 earphones that can assist you make an informed decision.

An overview of the Sennheiser HD 219 earphones

These headphones come with a calm plastic style of packaging. The box just includes an instructional manual and a 3.5 mm plug adapter. These headphones have a mat black color and are manufactured from plastic material. They are not only comfortable to wear but also have a light weight. The Sennheiser HD 219 headphones have a nice leather cushion on top. It also has flat and smooth earpieces with an all-around leather coating apart from the center.

The headphones have usual extends like any other standard earphones out there. The earpieces also swivel and pivot for their exceptional fit. One undoing with these headphones is that they have a very short chord. The cord is very thin and about 3.5 feet. This feature is not a big issue unless you will be moving a lot or intent to use these headphones in a studio. However, the headphones are very comfortable as you listen to your music, and they are light weight.

Audio Quality

The Sennheiser HD 219 earphones have an excellent audio quality. The sound is so pleasant that it will motivate you to use the headphone for a long time. They not only produce the sound of a typical headphone but feel more of a surround sound system where the audio comes from all angles and have the perception of distance. The Sennheiser HD 219 earphones have a large bass audio that is advertised on the package. It also has a high quality tone that has a perfect mix of bass.

Features of the Sennheiser HD 219 headphones

Features are critical before you make a purchase decision for any headphones. The device has a universal fit that is compatible with any smart phone. These earphones feature 3.5 mm headphone jack that has windows mobile, android, RIM (blackberry), and any IOS devices. It has a light weight ear design with single sided cables that makes them extremely comfortable for listening over long distances. These headphones possess a vibrant sound that has a punchy bass. It also has high-output neodymium magnets for a powerful bass response stereo sound. The price is relatively good because of the kind of service they deliver.

The main purpose of this paper was to give you a brief review of the Sennheiser HD 219 headphones. You can also read about other headphones from several online sources. Talking to current users of these headphones can also give you more insight. The primary purpose of any review is normally to guide your purchase decision.

Is Getting A Music Degree Worth It?

The short answer is yes, if you ask how many possible careers can you have once you have a music degree the surprising answer will be, more than 70 exceptional and lucrative careers are open to you. These careers start with the obvious ones, a position in an orchestra or a professional ensemble. The second most obvious position is that of a teacher, with a music degree you can teach in a high school or university though university lecturer usually will require you to have another degree as well.

According to most conservatories, the best is to combine both of those two choices. Playing in an ensemble and teach at the same time. Also doing a chamber group work on the side is considered to be a major advantage. Teaching and playing in orchestras or large ensembles can be exceptionally rewarding if you are extremely passionate about those two careers. That said, there are many more options available to you. A lot of the positions you can look at once you have your music degree will require you to do some more study i.e. another degree.

You really need to sit down and figure out by the time you actually get your degree what path you are going to take and you can do some part-time work in the last years of your degree to get some idea of what it will be like to continue in that path. Most people in the last two years of their degree will do some chamber work, some accompanists work, some music instruction work, some musical arranging, if possible some audio engineering work, and anything else they fancy along the way.

Very few musicians who get a music degree will be aiming to head into the fields of pop music or any of the other modern forms of popular music i.e. jazz or country. The ones that have done it, have been very successful financially and professionally. There are a large number of successful musicians who are self-taught and had no formal training whatsoever. If you complete your university degree and still donât have any idea exactly what you want to do then you could go into the promotion side of the business until you come up with a more suitable choice.

There are many fields and positions which really get a mention when youâre doing your music degree but some of them are very good ways of earning a living while you also get to play music. The first one I noticed was that of performing on a cruise ship. This doesnât sound very professional but the pay is up to $2000 per week which will definitely keep the wolves from the door.

Another interesting choice would be as an instrument craftsman/builder, I wouldnât think a job in an instrument making factory would be the way to go but there are jobs around in small independent workshops that could be very beneficial in helping you perfect your art, these jobs pay anywhere up to $200,000 per annum with a starting salary usually around $35,000 per annum point.

How To Clean Your Flute

One thing to note is that germs and flute playing dont go hand in hand. It may not affect the way you play your flute but grit, dirt, and bacteria make your flute wear out faster. You can find more info her if you want to learn how to maintain other music instruments. This article will give you a few tips on how to maintain your flute.

The Interior of the Flute

Constant use of your instrument causes the flute to gather moisture from your mouth. You will ruin the keypads of your instrument if you dont clean out this moisture after every use. Such moisture may even cause air leakages from your music instrument. You need to use the flute cleaning rod to wipe away this moisture.

You need to use a rod that is three to five inches long. You should get a clean piece of cleaning cloths and pull it through your cleaning rods slit. Make sure you push the rod carefully through the body of the flute. Handling this exercise in a careless manner may cause scratches on the interior of your music equipment. Once you are done with cleaning the interior of your flute, you should repeat the same exercise to the flute and head joint of your flute.

The Exterior of your Flute

You should be extremely careful not to use any form of silver polish before you begin to swab your flute with a cloth. You should not use any polish including those that claim to be silver safe on your flute. They can not only cause havoc on the metal system of your flute but also ruin your keypads. Even though this may not have a direct impact on your flute music, it makes your flute to look bad. Its better to let a professional to polish your flute if you expect it to retain its original shining. You should just use a fresh microfiber clothes to wipe any dirt on your flute as you clean the exterior. You should not dampen the clothes with water because the flute pads should not get wet. There is a high likelihood of the pads expending if they get wet.

The Head joint

The head joint is the section of the flute that is very close to the mouth. Its very easy for bacteria and germs to transfer from your mouth to the flute. Its important to sterilize the mouth piece and the head joint after each session. Isopropyl is very efficient when sterilizing your flute. The cleaning agent is not only cheap but also readily available as you can get it in the nearest drug store.

Keypads that stick

Chances of the keypads sticking are very high especially if you have not cleaned your flute for about a month. In case of such occurrences, you can take a piece of cigarette paper and lodge it beneath the sticking keypads. You should press the key pap down gently once you have placed it on the cigarette paper. This paper has the ability of absorbing moisture from the keypads and you need to repeat the process. You should rinse your mouth with water before you start playing to prevent sticky keys from happening.


I am sure that you now have all it takes to keep your flute in good shape. You can find more information online on how to repair your flute.

The Famous Hobbit Elf Costumes.

If you are a big fan of the Lord of the Rings saga, or World of Warcraft, we can assure you that we have what you need. People can choose a wide variety of designs from authentic Elven Cloaks, like the ones that Frodo wore in the movies, Hobbit Elf Costumes are the best of quality at our shop, because we can guarantee the quality of each and every attire to our customer satisfaction. In some cases, websites portray their products as dazzling and perfect, and turned out to be less than the customers expected, too big or too small. Here, our best value is the customer satisfaction. The greatest gratification and satisfaction comes in being able to meet all your customer needs. As we can see in many cosplay events, Halloween parties and Lord of the Rings fashion shows, we witness a lot of people go as mythical Lord of the Rings characters, and had a huge influence not only for young people but for the all ages, even my uncle is a hardcore fan of Aragorn. From the mouths of cosplayers, we heard that when they wore as characters from Lord of the Rings saga, the fans easily recognized them, and had a lot of appreciations.

Gandalf the wizard is probably the most well-known character from the book series and movies, alike. Few can resist the opportunity to wear a traditional wizardâs hat. You can also choose a magical staff and grey or white cloak to represent this character. Gandalf has presents in two forms throughout the entire series, Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White. Committed fans will know the history behind each one. Get to learn every minor detail. Very important especially for the ardent fans

The advantage over other types of costumes is that, Lord of the Rings costumes, especially the Hobbit Elf Costumes require less decoration and accessories, hence the less the cost and more economical. The hobbit elf costumes consist of boots, small leather wrist wraps, belt over the tunic, and a cloak if u going in stealth. Good thing about going as a character of Lord of the Rings, is that you can select the wide range of characters from humans, elves, hobbits, orcs, and necromancers, and you can surf the entire Lord of the Rings universe to find your favorite mythical character. Imagine having to choose from array of characters, getting to have that custome which meets all your Lord of the Rings needs

Choosing The Right Online Piano Course For Necomers

Many people love playing piano either for fun or professionally. However, being a good piano player requires one to practice regularly and attend good lessons. Traditionally people only learnt to play piano through the conventional ways where the learner and the teacher needed to be physically at the same place most of the times. To succeed in playing the piano, chose a piano course for newcomers tutorial that focuses on beginners. But now it is possible to get a good piano course for newcomers online. Such a course will require the learner to utilize the internet to learn how to play perfectly. All what one needs it to know the qualities to check while choosing the right online piano lesson.

One of the important qualities that one should check is the competency of the tutors or institutions offering the course. This is essential because being trained by a competent tutor means that one will understand better and in a more convenient way. To establish the competence of a certain online piano tutor it is important to check his or her qualifications. One can also read testimonials written by other students of the particular tutor. Through this one is able to know who well the former students came to learn playing piano and whether they were satisfied with the lessons.

Another important quality that is important to check is which tactics the tutor offering the lesson uses. This is because different tutors use different tactics some of which might be too complicated for beginners. The right tactics should start by teaching the student about the basic terms and notes such as the full note, the half note, the quarter note, the eighth note and the sixteenth note. Learning these notes should be accompanied by learning their symbols. For instance, the lesson should be able to explain that an eighth note is indicated by a closed head with a stem and one flag while a sixteenth note is indicated by a closed head with a stem and two flags. The important of learning these notes is that they are the basics of learning to play piano. One can establish the piano course for newcomers that use the most ideal tactics through comparing several of them.

It is also advisable to check the kind of materials used online to teach piano by a certain tutor. The importance of this is that unlike learning in the traditional manner, learning online one needs to see videos on top of the other materials of how different tasks are executed. This makes it important for any newcomer to enquire about the materials used to teach piano so as to make sure the material used are of the right standards.

Newcomers hoping to learn piano should also make sure the course is flexible so as to get time to practice. This is important because some courses take students through the different steps without giving them time to practice what they have already learnt. Such courses are only interested on what the students are paying and as a result hope the students will finish as fast as possible consequently rushing the lesson. One should take time to carefully go through the time tables of different courses and choose the one that has ample breaks and practicing time. Therefore, through checking for the outlined qualities one can get a competent and high quality online piano course for newcomer.

Why Its Better To Lose Weight If You Want To Be A Singer?

It is often noticed that men with obesity sound very shrill and thin. In simple words, they dont have the manly voice that you expect from most male singers. Of course, there are exceptions everywhere and there are some really deep sounding male singers who also happen to be obese. However, most trainers who train people how to sing are of the view that you should lose your weight in order to be a great singer. The first and foremost reason for such a requirement is that obesity brings many health issues with it.

The biggest problem that fat people face while singing is the lack of control on their breathing. When you are overweight you have to realize that the lungs behind your rib cage are not getting enough space to expand. When they cant expand you cant pull in more air. This breaks your breaths midway during long notes and lyrics where you dont want to break. Furthermore, when you try to pull long and high notes you lose your breath. This makes you breathe heavily into the microphone, resulting in very annoying sounds that ruin your entire performance.

Another reason why you would want to avoid overweight is because of medias preference for more good looking singers who also have to be physically fit. Look at all the top pop stars and you will realize that they are all physically fit. Media is not responsible for this. As a matter of fact, this preference comes from the people who watch TV. They have always preferred physically fit and good looking artists more. Lets have a look at the most known artists today: Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc. They are all physically fit and slim.

When you become a famous singer, you have to go for world tours. Singers are often touring around the world for months and sometimes an entire year. You have to give top class entertainment to your audience. This is why most singers learn to dance and perform they want more energy in their concerts. It is nearly impossible to sing while dancing and giving top class dancing performances when you have a lot of weight on your body. In short, you are bringing the level of entertainment to half of what you can give to your fans if you are physically fit.

With this we dont mean to say that you cant be a great singer when you are fat. What we are trying to tell here is that you can increase your chances of becoming a great artists and getting hired by some record label owner when you are physically fit. As for singing, of course, how good of a singer you are is the most important thing. We recommend that you step in the music industry with all the necessary weapons. Go for some highly reviewed online vocal lessons and show the world what you are really capable of doing with your voice.

Things That Can Make You Sound Beautiful While Singing

There is a big difference between singing good and singing beautifully. When you sing beautifully people are dying to listen to your singing. They consider it a treat for their ears to listen to your voice while singing. Before you can impress people with your voice you have to know how to sing beautifully. People who have just started to sing are often unaware of the many factors that play a huge role in making a person sound beautiful. The first and most important thing to sing beautifully is to know the right scale for your voice.

Every voice is different and has its own scale within which it sounds most beautiful. You have to know about this particular scale because whenever you sing in that scale you will sound beautiful and at your best. Sing a song in your most compatible scale and the same song in a different scale and you will easily be able to notice the difference. Why you sound beautiful when singing at your most suitable scale is because you are able to add waves and other effects to your voice naturally and more easily. On a different scale, you might have to put in some efforts for the same effects.

Get a piano or some other similar instrument that you can play along with your singing. Such instruments are used to match your voice with their notes. When you do so you are making your voice hit the exact notes as are on the instrument. By regularly singing while accompanied by a piano or similar instrument, you will notice a huge change in how you sing. As you match your voice with the notes on your piano, you get used to singing in tune and at the right pitch.

Sing from your throat and mouth, not your nose. This is a problem that many singers would not realize unless someone points it out for them. This comes naturally to a person and thats why it is hard to get rid of this problem. Nasal tones are not welcomed much in the music world. The best way to know if you have a nasal tone is to know block your nose with your thumb and index finger and then try to sing the song. If your voice becomes nasal and you are having a hard time singing, you have a nasal tone and you need to get rid of it soon.

Sing songs with expressions to bring feelings in your words. Some people would sing with a flat face. While there should be no restriction on the way a person likes to sing, it is true that your voice carries more emotions when you sing with expressions. It is difficult in the beginning to sing in this way because a person is constantly conscious of their facial expression and looking funny. The truth is that you dont look funny and singing in this way rather adds emotions to your singing and allows you to touch the hearts of your listeners better.