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Market Gardening: How to Make a Living on 1.5 Acres

Many people believe that a small-scale market garden can’t compete economically with larger industrial growers. For more than a decade, however, my wife and I have supported our four-person family solely by intensively farming 1.5 acres. We offer our experience here as a road map to help you start your own successful market farm.

We began our farming careers as “WWOOFers” (volunteers with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), and later worked as farm managers on someone else’s market farm. After we spent some time learning abroad, we came home to Quebec to pursue our own farming project. We started small by growing produce on one-fifth of an acre and by living simply — in a tipi! After a few years, we longed to put down roots in the community and expand our farm, but we needed to generate income. To make payments on a small plot, fund the construction of a modest home, and cover the expenses that surround a growing family and business, we made a decision that might sound contradictory to economic growth: we decided to stay small.

We wanted to continue relying on inexpensive hand tools and light power tools. We even named our farm Les Jardins de la Grelinette after la grelinette (“broadfork”), a tool that epitomizes efficient hand labor in organic gardening. We’ve always believed that it’s possible — even preferable — to intensify production through smart gardening techniques. Our motto became “Grow better instead of bigger.”

A Biologically Intensive Approach to Market Gardening

We began by investing in a large quantity of organic matter to create rich, living soil. We continue to add compost regularly, while restricting the tilling of the soil to the surface. This method keeps the soil’s structure as intact as possible. By improving the soil’s structure, we’ve been able to sow crops close together, resulting in higher yields and reduced weed growth.

We further maximized our growing space by planting as many succession crops as possible. To make a crop-rotation plan, we had to first determine the length of time each crop would spend in the garden, and then schedule our plantings so we could replace harvested crops with new plants or seeds as soon as possible. With our crop-rotation plan in hand, we succeeded in producing multiple harvests from the same permanent garden beds.

Use a Walk-Behind Tractor for Maximum Production

We wanted to avoid the investment necessary for maintaining a large, four-wheeled tractor, so we rely on a small-but-mighty walk-behind tractor with multiple detachable implements. Learn about two-wheeled tractor options online.

The soil’s integrity is our top priority, so we’ve opted for a rotary-power harrow (shown here), which stirs and prepares the topsoil for planting while retaining the vitality of the bed’s subsoil. We also use a “tilther” — a clever tool powered by an electric drill that does a great job of mixing amendments into the soil (available from Johnny's Selected Seeds). All of our tools, including row covers and two-wheel tractor implements, are sized to work efficiently in our uniform, permanent beds, which are all 30 inches wide by 100 feet long, with 18 inches between each bed.

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Pest Control Tips For Your Home

Bed bugs and other pests need control to be controlled to ensure a healthy living. It certainly is not possible to completely get rid of these pests in the near future. However, here some of the proven pest control tips for your home with the help of which you can get rid of them effectively.

Pest control is basically the regulation of insects such as bed bugs. Such a treatment is necessary because if we neglect pests, it could be harmful to your health. A wide variety of biological and chemical insecticides and pesticides are available in the market which can help in the eradication of these pests if used appropriately.

Here are some easy lifestyle hacks to prevent bed bugs and pest in your home:

a). You can begin by taking steps in ensuring the cleanliness in your house. You can do this by cleaning the clutter of your house on a daily basis to keep these pesky pests at bay. Never store newspapers and boxes for a long time as they provide an excellent breeding ground for pests.

b). If you wish to eliminate ants, prepare a cup of a mixture of sugar and borax and sprinkle it around and inside of your home. This is a good way as sugar attracts the ants and the borax will kill them.

c) You should also avoid keeping dirty dishes in the sink and glasses lying around as they can attract pests immensely. You should take proper steps in keeping the clean all your kitchen items and remove garbage daily.

d) Make use of a hairspray to kill bees and wasps in your house.

e) You can also sprinkle some borax powder in your kitchen and bathroom to get rid of cockroaches. Avoid sprinkling in a place where kids or pets could come in contact with the borax.

f) In order to ensure a home which does not have carpenter ants, make it a point to check pipes and damp roofs as well as the other places and make sure that to dry them properly.

g) You can use peanut butter as bait to get rid of mice by dabbing some peanut butter on the device of your mousetrap.

h) Always change the water of your bird bath after every two days in order to minimize mosquito infestation.

i) To get rid of rodents, seal all openings and use some poison in crevices.

j) Fix all plumbing equipment which are leaky and also look for hidden entry of water in your house.

k) Using cucumbers will help you to get rid of flies, moths, and wasps as it is considered to be a natural and eco-friendly pest killer method.

l) Never leave any left food open and ensure that all food cans are properly sealed.

If home remedies are not working, it's time to get the help of the services of the Pest control agency. You should select a pest control company having the requisite experience and one which has been of help to your family or friends.

Following these simple tips can go a long way in getting rid of the pests in your house, and it may be that you will not need the services of the Pest control agency.

Qualities Of A Great Floral Design Company

Looking for a great way to show appreciation or make your loved one happy? Why not surprise them with fresh-smelling and beautiful flowers from a great floral design company. A good floral design company is committed to providing only the best floral collections and décor for any event or occasion.


We provide the best floral design services for whatever event or occasion. We offer a personalized flower delivery service to all our new and existing clients. Our floral arrangements are customized to meet your specific requirements.

We all know that finding the perfect floral gift for your loved one or for any occasion can be daunting. We offer quality floral services to Boulder residents and surrounding areas. As a great floral design company, we always make sure that our clients are satisfied with our flower arrangements and floral designs. If you are looking for the best Boulder florist, look no further.

Our primary vision as a floral design company is to provide a unique and personalized flower delivery service in Boulder and beyond. We employ expert floral designers who know their job. Every flower arrangement or design is customized to your needs and requirements. Whether its a wedding, anniversary, corporate event or any special occasion, our floral designers have got you covered.

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We Cater For Any Occasion

Our floral designers can attend to your needs, whatever the occasion you are planning. We do customized floral arrangements for weddings, funerals, corporate functions, birthdays, anniversaries, romantic and congratulatory occasions. Besides flower arrangements, we also offer décor services for events such as parties, funerals, religious events and corporate functions.


Your wedding décor should be done by a great floral design company for it to be unique. Our floral designers can do your wedding décor in line with your theme. Boulder flowers can bring life to any space. Why not let our floral designers make your wedding the wedding of the century.

Corporate Events

Change your reception area look and appeal by letting us handle your floral decoration. We can also do your flower arrangements and decorations for your conferences, important meetings and all types of corporate events.

Our floral designers will look at the theme and color of your party and work out something to complement your specific needs. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary floral arrangements, we always make sure you are satisfied with our floral design service.


Losing a loved is not easy for anyone, but a great floral design company can help you express your sorrow and condolences through flowers. Our floral designers understand what you are going through and will help you with suitable and appropriate flower arrangements.

Why You Should Wear Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are made from bamboo fibres. These socks are very comfortable and you will definitely notice a difference if you are used to wearing cotton socks. You might think that the materials used to make your socks do not really matter, but bamboo fibres actually feel very different.

Bamboo fibres can be used to create fabric that is a lot more breathable than cotton. Bamboo can also help eliminate odors and absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton. Bamboo socks will keep your feet cooler thanks to the fabric being more breathable.

Bamboo fibre is stronger than cotton, which means bamboo socks will last a lot longer. You will not have to worry about finding a pair of socks without holes in them. Besides, a stronger fibre means more support for your feet. This could really make a difference if you have circulation problems or need more support to practice your favorite sport more comfortably.

Clothing made from bamboo fibre is more environment-friendly for a number of reasons. Bamboo crops are good for deforestation because it is possible to grow bamboo on a small parcel of land since bamboo canes are usually very tall. On the other hand, cotton crops require a lot of room which leads to deforestation.

Bamboo does not need nowhere near as much water as cotton to grow. Most farmers use natural fertilizers to help bamboo plants grow but only a small quantity of water is needed to get healthy plants. And because bamboo canes have a large root system, these plants help reduce erosion of the soil.

Bamboo is also good for the environment because bamboo canes do not need chemicals to grow. Bamboo contains a natural agent that protects the plants against diseases and microbes. Cotton crops usually require the use of chemicals that are dangerous for the workers and for the environment.

You should try bamboo socks to see for yourself. You can easily find many different styles and colors and should easily find some socks that match your styles. Bamboo socks are an excellent choice because these socks are very durable and comfortable. This is also an option you should consider if you are looking for a sock that will provide you with more support under the arch of your foot. You will also reduce your environmental footprint by opting for clothes made from bamboo fibre since bamboo crops are much better for the environment.