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5 Best Holiday Homes In Cornwall For Large Groups

If you and your friends are thinking of having a holiday vacation in Cornwall, then you really have to make appropriate plans for it. This region of the United Kingdom is famous for its pristine beaches and the many water adventures that come with it. Its also home to a variety of tourist attractions that everyone in your group will surely enjoy and appreciate. One of the most important aspects of your large group holiday plans is your accommodation. Sure, you can choose a luxury hotel but will it allow everyone to fit in a single room? So, here are 5 of the best accommodations in Cornwall that are designed specifically for large groups.

1. Fox Valley Cottages - This self-catering cottage may be small but it is big enough for groups of 10 people. Located near the scenic and historic towns of Looe and Fowey, the Fox Valley Cottages features 11 different cottages that can sleep different numbers of guests. Its smacked right between the famed coast of Fowey and the beautiful Cornish countryside. This should be interesting for friends who would like to either take a stroll down the coastal paths or walk on the fabled country lanes of this part of Cornwall.

2. Penleaze Farmhouse - Located in the northern Cornish coast in Bude, the Penleaze Farmhouse is one elegant Victorian farmhouse that exudes with luxury. It can sleep 10 guests complete with all the amenities of modern English living. Its antique dining table is placed in front of an open fire to allow you and your friends to have a nostalgic feel to your Cornish adventures. The Penleaze is just 2.5 miles away from the award-winning beaches, well-revered coastal paths, and fabulous restaurants of the seaside resort of Bude.

3. Beach House - They dont call this the Beach House for nothing. Located in Port Isaac, this large group accommodation is perfect for friends who prefer spectacular views of the sea plus superb amenities. The Beach House can sleep 12 people and features a games room as well as a sauna to help you and your friends have a more relaxed stay. And if this is not enough, the Michelin Star Nathan Outlaw restaurant is only a hundred metres away.

4. Trelowarren - With 19 cottages that can sleep 4 to 107 guests, the Trelowarren is one of the best large group accommodations you can ever find in Cornwalls famous Lizard Peninsula. English playwright Daphne du Maurier defined this group of cottages as a jewel set in the palm of ones hand. Its simply the perfect place to relax, toast special occasions, and make fond memories together with your friends.

5. Bosinver Farm Cottages - One of the well-known large group accommodations in Cornwall is the Bosinver Farm Cottages, located in St. Austell. It is a collection of 20 cottages that can sleep a maximum of 12 people in the Farmhouse although collectively, it can accommodate up to 112 guests. Its the ideal place for reunions, retreats, and even business gatherings.

Enjoying Cornwall with your friends can be made even more memorable if you stay in a large group accommodation. These five holiday homes should thus, be included in your holiday plans.

The Most Enchanting Castles To Visit In Cornwall

Cornwall has a rich history dating back from the medieval times. There are numerous mighty fortresses scattered all throughout Cornwall which are reminiscent of the countrys colourful past. These strongholds have been around through several wars and have seen victory and defeat over the course of time. Here are some of the best castles that are open for tourists in Cornwall.

The Restormel Castle in Lostwithiel is what has been left of a great 13th-century castle that sat on a Norman mound beside the River Fowey. Lostwithiel is considered as the medieval capital of Cornwall and the Restormel has been visited twice by the Black Prince, and also saw the atrocities of the Civil War back in 1644. The castle grounds is now a famous picnic spot thanks to the view and the presence of beautiful flowers that bloom all year round. There are also some outdoor theatre acts in the castle which are entertaining to watch. One can choose to stay at the Willow Cottage in 11 Kings Street, which offers an easy access to the neighbouring towns of St Austell, Liskeard and Bodmin.

St Michaels Mount has always been surrounded by mystery and being the subject of legends. It is a formidable fortress atop an island which has been said to have been walked upon by a legendary giant. The island is in itself surrounded by a sub-tropical ravine that adds a veil of tranquillity to the medieval island. The village has a couple of tourist friendly establishments where visitors can dine on fresh local food or listen to live music, such as the Sail Loft Restaurant or the Island Cafe. The Marazion Hotel is a recommended place to stay since it overlooks both the island and the gorgeous Marazion beach. Nearby holiday towns offer a wonderful selection of accommodation options including sea front B&Bs in penzance, holiday parks in Praa sands and self catering holiday cottages in Porthleven.

If you are keen on detail, Henry VIIIs fortress off St. Mawes will leave you awestruck. It is one of the best-preserved of all the medieval castles in England and is the most elaborately constructed. It was built during the 1500s to counter French and Spanish invasions and to watch over the Carrick Roads. The castle is designed to mount anti-vessel artillery to thwart invaders from the sea. Not surprisingly, it fell to a land offensive launched by the Civil War Parliamentary forces in 1646. St Mawes Hotel can offer a comfortable and luxurious seaside stay for travellers who want to have a taste of Cornish elegance.

Falmouth is home to the last royalist stronghold that fell during the English Civil War. The Pendennis Castle in Falmouth was constructed by Henry VIII to assist St Mawes Castle on the other side of the Fal Estuary. The stronghold is famous for its Tudor gun room as well as its interactive Discovery Centre. A collection of cartoons created by artist George Butterworth during the second world war is also displayed inside the Pendennis Castle. The Palms Guest House can be a great choice for accommodation because it is also only a couple of metres away from Falmouths famous landmarks such as the Falmouth Docks.

The Charm And Allure Of Cornwall As A Holiday Destination

Do you ever wonder why so many people go for a holiday in Cornwall? There are many beautiful areas in Great Britain, but it just seems like Cornwall is always at the top of the list. Many locations seem to be where many legends and myths were born and have also taken part in key moments in history. It is also a favourite destination for culture-lovers, that even writers and artists have made it their home.

The weather might play a big role, because being in the south of the country, it has the mildest climate and the most sun. This contributes to the picturesque areas, so much that almost one-third of this county is an AONB, or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

With 422 miles of coastline, tourists have many spots to enjoy the view of the sea. Almost half of the South West Coast Path can be found in this county, and will allow you to marvel at the landscape you will discover. On the North, this is full of dramatic cliffs that have been shaped by the Atlantic ocean for centuries but also have some nice golden sand for families. The strong winds and waves make it the perfect spot for surfing. On the other hand, the south coast is gentler but with many river estuaries and the sea, fishing is a part of the daily life.

Cornwall also has a strong mining heritage, though this is a lesser known fact and is less likely to attract visitors. But you can still see mining-inspired engine houses as a reminder of this past. During the same time, English gardens were also all the rage, so much that there is the highest concentration of grand gardens in the county. Found beside some equally awe-inspiring houses of the time, walking along these gardens will be like a stroll back in time.

Another thing that you should definitely not miss is the food. With the many farms and the fresh fish coming in, you cannot find so fresh and delicious traditional dishes that Cornwall is famous for. There are many restaurants, cafes and even bakeries that will satisfy your taste buds.

With the landscape and the wonderful food, it is no wonder that Cornwall has attracted so many artists. If you are therefore into art, you might be surprised at the galleries you can find in the area. Schools for artists also keep the flow of talent alive. Even the writers are so enamoured by the locations that they have written down many rhymes and productions that showcase the county.

Although most of what to see are in smaller villages, it does not mean the region is boring and quiet. In fact, there are so many beaches of all kinds that will entertain you. You can also come by for the many surfing festivals that are happening regularly.

It seems like Cornwall won the lottery in having everything for tourists and locals alike, wonderful weather, breathtaking views, culture, sport and even great food can be found here. Thankfully, the region is always ready and equipped with enough quality holiday accommodation to manage the influx of visitors wanting to marvel at the beauty of the area. So why not see it for yourself!

Top Ten Dog-friendly Self-catering Holiday Accommodation In North Cornwall

Most holiday accommodation has its good points and bad points. There are times when the accommodation is excellent but the food is less than what you have expected. There are also establishments that dont allow your most trusted and most loyal companion your dog. And if you do visit St. Agnes in Cornwall, then you just might want to consider getting a dog-friendly, self-catering accommodation instead. These provide you just with the right accommodation that you need while you take care of the kind of food that you would want to eat. Best of all, they allow you to take your dog with you. This gives you a whole lot of different options to make your stay even more meaningful. This way, you can truly say that you have lived the way of the people of St. Agnes.

Here are ten dog-friendly, self-catering holiday accommodations in North Cornwall that might interest you and your family.

1. Cameron Farm  Located a mile from the village centre, Cameron Farm is ideal for families who require the scenic beauty of central Cornwall. It is near the coastal foot path as well as the beach of Chapel Porth. 

2. Cliff Hollow  For a superb view of the Trevaunance Cove, head to Cliff Hollow. This family house perched atop the cliffs of St. Agnes is a favourite among large groups of tourists. It can accommodate up to 14 guests at a time. 

3. Sea Thatch  With a beautiful private garden and antique decors, the Sea Thatch is a must-try especially for lovers of 16th century stone cottages. Its quintessentially Cornish.

4. Bramble and Croft Cottages  Situated between the beaches of St. Agnes and the famous St. Agnes Beacon, Bramble and Croft Cottages has been providing guests with a distinct taste of the Cornish countryside. 

5. Coombe Cottage Holidays  Want to experience living in a 16th century thatched cottage? Then try the Coombe Cottage Holidays. This is perfect for families of 4 or even for couples for that romantic getaway. 

6. Glas House St. Agnes  This cedar-clad eco-lodge is perfect for the modern family. It features 2 double bedrooms with an open-plan living area, it also has a private deck that wraps the entire property giving guests unrivalled views of St. Agnes. 

7. Lantern Cottage  Situated about a mile from the centre of St. Agnes, Lantern Cottage is a chocolate box-like architecture nestled in green Cornish valley. It is a Grade II listed cottage complete with an inglenook fireplace. 

8.  Little Orchard Village  For optimum rest and peaceful respite, head to the Little Orchard Village and marvel at its spacious lawns. Its the perfect location for resting tired bodies without the distractions of modern entertainment. 

9. Sea Whisper  Situate just a few minutes walk from the St. Agnes coastline, Sea Whisper is a beautiful 3-bedroom eco-lodge providing a sweeping view of the Cornish valley and a large deck area above the famed Trevaunance Cove. 

10. The Porthvean  Able to accommodate up to 17 people at a time, The Porthvean is located right in the centre of St. Agnes where the action is. It provides superb access to all the wonderful things in and around the village.

Now you can enjoy your vacation in St. Agnes. At the very least, you dont have to leave your dog behind.

6 Great Family Attractions In And Around Newquay

Newquay in Cornwall has been known as UKs favourite holiday destination for families because of its beaches, many interesting eats, and plenty of fun and entertaining activities for everyone to enjoy. Here are six family attractions that are sure to keep every member of your family really pumped up and help you strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

Blue Reef Aquarium - The waters off the Cornish coast is teeming with marine life. What better way to appreciate these creatures than at the Blue Reef Aquariums underwater tunnel where you can literally see hundreds of aquatic species that make the Cornish waters their home? Watch your kids eyes grow in amazement as they see lobsters, giant crabs, sharks, seahorses, and other marine creatures.

Cornwalls Crealy Great Adventure Park - With more than 40 rides and attractions nestled in more than 111 acres of family-friendly fun and entertainment, the Crealy Great Adventure Park is something that all families visiting Cornwall must visit. Stay outdoors and interact with hundreds of animals or move indoors for more than 40 rides and attractions. This is a heaven for all members of the family.

Dairyland Farm World - Fancy living in a simulated farm environment? Then take your family to the Dairyland Farm World and introduce them to lambs, donkeys, kids, piglets, and rabbits. They will also meet Lawrence the Llama as well as chipmunks, chinchillas, and storks. Let them pet these livestock and animals, ride the pony, or even milk Clarabelle, Dairylands cyder cow. This is an excellent way of teaching your kids about life in the farm. Supplement this with a visit to the Cornish Heritage Centre and you can be on your way to fully understanding the rich history of this English region.

Lappa Valley Steam Railway - This is not where your kids will see Thomas but they sure will appreciate the miniature trains of the Lappa Valley Steam Railway. If they get bored, you can always bring them to the canoeing lake, the woodland walks, the toddlers path maze, and other adventure play areas. Or how about playing crazy golf of even an indoor carriage? You and your kids will definitely have fun at the Lappa valley.

Newquay Zoo - Children just love animals. Bring them to the Newquay Zoo and interact with more than 130 species of animals from lions and other big cats to penguins to Visayan warty piglets to fishing cat kittens and ring-tailed lemurs. There are activity trails, face painting, animal encounters, and a giant childrens play area so you wont have to worry about your kids getting bored.

Oasis Fun Pools - With both indoor and outdoor pools providing superb watery fun for the whole family, Oasis Fun Pools is indeed an oasis in Newquay. Its got 3 fabulous flumes, a toddlers area, the famous Hendra River rapid ride, the Giant Tap, and numerous fountains and waterfalls, this is where you need to go if you are already tired of the beach.

These are just some of the many attractions in Newquay that are guaranteed to excite your family and bring you closer to one another. There are also some great places to stay in this Cornish holiday resort. These include cliff-top self catering holiday apartments, boutique hotels, surf lodges and holiday parks.

A New Way To Enjoy The Holidays With A Static Caravan Hire

With the holiday season in the UK coming up, so many great deals on hotels and flights pop that it's a competition out there. And if you've failed to book for this year's out of town family vacation, that does not mean you have to just stay home. Hotel accommodations could be one of the most expensive things to consider when you plan a travel out with your family and friends. Even though you are tight on budget, there are still dozens of ways you could make the most out of the holidays. Think about a static caravan hire.

Try Going on a Caravan for a Few Days

Hooking up a trailer to the back of your car and going around the country for a few weeks or so could be a great way to spend time and bond with your family and loved ones, all the while saving a few extra pounds. All you need to do is pack your things, stock up on food, and be on your way. Most caravan parks offer cheap admission for you to pitch for the night. Some are even free. You could go on for weeks, and maybe even months.

Get the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the country and the world, learn about different cultures and languages, and see the interiors of the country that might have not even seen before. You could even bring the family pet along for the ride. The children will love it and the adults will, too.

However, if you only have a few days of vacation and going on a road trip may prove to be to exhausting, then you could always rent out a static caravan. Research on where to do a static caravan hire and which is the best place your family might enjoy in. Caravans are spacious, cozy, and they offer almost the same amenities you would have gotten at hotels. And best of all, a static caravan hire is inexpensive. The sale prices could go as low as £250 for several nights, depending on the location and quality. Not bad, right?

And if you're still craving for that road trip, you could go caravan hopping in every city that you visit. It would be perfect for those larger groups and families, since most caravans come with three beds and a couch you could crash in. You will finally have somewhat of an idea of how your favorite actors feel when they are in their trailers on the set of their projects.

And if you are looking for a more permanent place to live in for just a few years, then these caravan homes will be perfect for you. If do not want to bother with the extra expenses of an apartment or house, the annual fees are much lower and could still provide you with that homey feeling.

There are several cities all around the UK which provide static caravan hire and would love to have you and your loved ones over for the holidays.

Where To Stay In Cornwall On A Tight Budget

If you are thinking of going on a holiday vacation in Cornwall but is concerned of budgetary limitations, you dont have to worry because Cornwall has some of the worlds best small, quality hotels available for penny-pinching holidaymakers at relatively low cost.

If you are in Falmouth for its famous Oyster Festival or the equally famed Falmouth Week, you will discover that hotel accommodations to be quite difficult to find. However, at other times of the year, there is only one place to be. At £65 a night, Chellowdene Guest House provides guests a spectacular view of the Gyllyngvase Beach and the Pendennis Castle on Falmouth Bay. For most visitors, this is the ideal hotel to stay in order to really enjoy the many attractions in Cornwall.

For those that cant stretch to the cost of a luxury Fowey cottage, one of the most attractive and affordable accommodations in the town must surely be the 16th century glory of Cornwall is The Ship Inn. With rooms that are as low as £49 per night, you will still have plenty of dough left to really enjoy the sights and sounds of Cornwall, particularly in Fowey. Its restaurant offers a mixed but pleasantly delicious meal showcasing fresh-baked bread, fresh-off-the-boat fish and crustaceans, homemade preserves, and local vegetable and fruits.

Overlooking scenic Fistral Beach in Newquay, Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa is one of Cornwalls most celebrated and acclaimed hotels. More like a boutique hotel than a budget one, Fistral boasts of a luxury ESPA Spa that provides guests with superb health and relaxation amenities such as hot tubs, sauna, and, of course, a beauty salon. The well-appointed rooms come with modern amenities and facilities while en suite bathrooms are fully detailed to the tee. Fistrals restaurant provides a spectacular view of the beach while its a la carte menu boasts of only the freshest catch of the day coupled with seasonal produce grown locally. Costing around £65 a night, Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa is something that is a gem.

With the Eden Project just several miles away, The Royal Inn located in St. Austell easily fills its booking. With a 4-star hotel rating but at a price that is around £65 a night, you would consider this great value for your money. The Royal Inn boats of fully detailed and well-appointed en suite rooms. Every morning is a full English breakfast treat of yoghurt, fruits, cereals, and juice. If you crave for a Continental breakfast, it can be arranged. The Royal Inn is a favourite accommodation for visitors going to the Eden Project and historic Fowey.

At around £63 a night, visitors to Cornwalls Newquay can optimise their view of the famous Fistral Beach with a stay at the Carnmarth Hotel. With superb view of the sea and a modern take of Cornish style, Carnmarth has one of the friendliest hotel services this side of the UK. It is just a few minutes by foot to Newquays town centre as well as the best beaches in Cornwall. The Hotel also provides on-site surf lessons for those who would like to try the wonders of surfing.

Now that youve saved plenty of money on holiday accommodation in Cornwall, you can spend more on the things that will make your Cornwall holiday truly worth remembering.

Aspen Night Life-- The Ultimate Taxi

This isn't your regular taxi ride! The Ultimate Taxi is in fact home entertainment that is not to be missed. This is a thirty to forty minute musical ride around Aspen-- but it's not like any other trip you will take in your lifetime.

Very unlike my modern up to date home town Loughborough Taxis The Cab you will be riding in is a 1978 Checker taxi. It has actually been greatly customized and boasts 4 red lasers, a laser projector, black light results, light washers, light orbs, mini-strobes, color altering fiber optics, a stereo, phase lights, a mirror ball, a fog device, a keyboard, digital drums, a digital camera, a DV camera, a notebook computer, a printer, and much, much more.

Your driver will be Jon Barnes, and he has been driving tourists around Aspen since 1984. He throws in a pair of 3-D glasses, so you can see Aspen as you never ever have in the past. Showcased online, in publications, newspapers, and radio interviews, the Ultimate Taxi has actually ended up being very popular. Many famous people have taken this cab trip too, including Clint Eastwood and Jerry Seinfeld.

Get ready for a wild trip! Jon plays the keyboard and the horn while driving! With your 3-D glasses and the other toys that are included in the ride, combined with the psychedelic lighting effects, this is one ride that you will never ever forget! In reality, Jon makes sure of it, due to the fact that there will be images to help you bear in mind the conference.

See to it you buy some souvenirs prior to you leave. The Ultimate Taxi boutique is located right outside the doors, in the trunk. You will also have a web page memory of your ride in the Ultimate Taxi hosted on Jon's server for all time. Take your toys and 3-D glasses home with you.

The Ultimate Taxi is not a 'typical' taxi trip. The Ultimate Taxi is more of a musical show and adventure.

Make sure that you get your Ultimate Taxi trip while you remain in Aspen, and join the ranks of Ivana, Kevin Costner, George Hamilton, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dudley Moore, the Beatles, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Seinfeld, as well as Regis Philbin! Due to the popularity of the Ultimate Taxi, it is probably best to contact advance for a reservation. The Ultimate Taxi is in operation from 7pm to 10pm most nights.

Included online, in radio interviews, papers, and publications, the Ultimate Get all set for a wild ride! With your 3-D glasses and the other toys that are consisted of in the ride, combined with the psychedelic lighting effects, this is one ride that you will never forget! The Ultimate Taxi is not a 'normal' taxi ride. The Ultimate Taxi is more of a musical show and adventure.

Near Or Far Travel Can Be A State Of Mind

If you are taking a holiday, you dont always have to go half way around the world. Many fantastic places to see can be located in your own country or are just a short trip away. A lot of the time traveling is all about the people you meet along the way and experiences that you have. Places closer to home are often overlooked or deemed not to be exotic enough, but it is something worth taking into account, at your vacation planning stage.

If you are traveling abroad, it is recommended that you carry a copy of your essential documents, like your tickets or passport and try to keep them is separate locations than the originals. One good idea is to also keep these online somewhere like dropbox, so you can access them anywhere there is internet access. If the worse happens, this will greatly speed up any replacements then you will need to get from either your airline of embassy.

One thing to be aware of is that if you plan to shop for clothes while abroad, find out that countrys measurement system. Garment sizes vary significantly throughout the world. They likewise vary greatly from brand to brand name. However, a basic knowledge of their clothing dimensions will give you an idea when trying to find a size that you are looking for.

For a stress-free vacation, start getting everything ready one week prior to leaving. Ensure your family and friends have all the relevant information about where you are going. Make sure that your alarm is switched on and that you have someone to call in to turn it off, if it happens to go off or can just check on your house. Find somebody to deal with your animals and plants, who is reliable and don't post up all your plans on social media before you leave or while you are away. Burglars are online too!

Understand the potential for insects in the locations you are traveling to and through and also always examine the bed linens as soon as you arrive in your room. Do not put your travel luggage on the bed, as there is a greater chance of bringing bedbugs home with you, if they crawl into your suitcases. Avoid this by putting your bag on another piece of furniture in the room.

If you decide to rent a car, ensure that you remember your cars exact location before you leave the car park while shopping, as a lot of rental cars look the same and are often the same make and model. With your mobile phone, take a photo of the car park number of location so you have an easy way to find your vehicle. Alternatively, if you are on a special vacation like an anniversary treat yourself to an airport transfer to your hotel with a local limo hire company. It will make your vacation extra special and one to remember.

As mentioned initially, traveling doesnt have to mean an extended trip around the globe. It can be a case of exploring your close environment or trying different experiences, such as camping or a cooking experience getaway. Putting yourself outside your comfort zone and trying different things, can be a very rewarding experience.